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Multi-Use of Eggs

Cindy HoComment

Eggs can be scrambled, poached, scotched, roasted, hard or soft boiled. Apparently, these are all ways of preparing an egg. But eggs has much more uses other than just cooking them. Did you know that the smell of raw eggs can turn off deers? That is just one use of eggs apart from cooking them. Other incredible uses of eggs include:

     1. Face cleanser and moisturizer. 

Getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles makes your face look younger. Take one egg, separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Make the egg white frothy and apply it on your face. The egg white help in tightening your skin. Whisking the egg yolk and applying the mixture in your face moisturizes your dry skin.

     2. Hair shampoo. 

Are you looking for the cheapest hair treatment? Eggs contain a whole lot of proteins making them the best hair treatment. Just whisk an egg and run it through your hair. Use your fingers and massage it into your scalp. After applying, wash out the egg using luke-warm water. The egg yolk treats and moisturizes the damaged hair while the egg white pulls dirt away by sticking to it. 

     3. Compost.

Eggshells contain a lot of calcium which is an essential element for plant's growth. Crushing the eggshells and adding them to your compost will give your plants the required nutrients for growth.

     4. Arts and crafts.

Keeping an eggshell in one piece after draining both the egg yolk and the egg white is such a challenging arts and crafts experience for your kids. With the eggshells, you can decorate it to your liking and create beautiful ornaments. 

     5. Painting

Eggs are a source of edible painting. Separate the egg white from the egg, whisk it with one tablespoon of water and a food coloring of your choice. You can then decorate your cakes, sugar cookies, or any other appropriate food item.

     6. Scour metal and unclogged sink.

Looking for an abrasive for your dirty pots and pans? Ground eggshells will serve you that purpose. Similarly, leaving crushed eggshells in your sink's strainer help in breaking up anything that passes through it hence preventing clogging. 

    7. First aid.

Whisked egg whites help in drying up of minor cuts. They create a thin film protecting the cut and giving it the right nutrients required for healing.

    8. Pest deterrent.

Is your garden full of blossom, snails, slugs or cutworms? Just spread crushed eggshells around the garden edges. The pest's soft bodies will be harmed by the eggshells hence getting rid of them.

     9. Glue replacement. 

Looking for a homemade glue? Whisked egg whites are a great substitute of glue. 

     10. Enhancing coffee taste.

Are you a coffee enthusiast? Do you want to bring your coffee's taste to a better and new height? Add crushed eggshells to your ground coffee just before brewing it and you will love your newly made coffee.

Now you know!! Eggs are extremely useful outside your kitchen. Save your money by making your own homemade solutions which are quick, easy and cheap.