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Eggs From All Over The World

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Eggs are a common delicacy around the world, and have been consumed by mankind since the ancient times. Some regions prefer just boiling eggs, while others have delicate recipes to make a dish out of them. Let’s explore how different cultures prepare eggs and what they use in the process.

Onsen Tamago- Japan

Also known as hot-spring eggs, onset tamango is a common traditional food in Japan. It is made by just boiling eggs, which are slow-cooked in hot spring water.

Avgolemono- Mediterranean

Avgolemono is a savory dish prepared using eggs by people living in the Mediterranean. It is used as soup or sauce, and made by just mixing lemon juice, eggs and broth. 

Baghala Ghatogh- Iran

This is also a savory dish prepared by the Iranians. It is a Persian stew made using Baghalas, which are commonly known as Rashtian faba beans, eggs and dill. In Iran’s Northern provinces, this stew is served with Kateh, Persian rice dish.

Balut- Southeast Asia


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This type of egg dish is prepared in a very interesting way by people living in Southeast Asia. People get a duck egg that has a developing embryo and boil it while it is alive. The dish is then eaten right from the shell. You will find this dish in the streets of Philippines.

Brik- Tunisia

This is a whole egg prepared in a triangular-pastry pocket that consists of parsley, harissa, tuna and chopped onion. When combined, the pastry is deep fried and served with other dishes.

Century Egg- China

The Chicken/Duck/Quail egg is surrounded by a mixture of rice hulls, quicklime, salt, ash, clay, and allowed to ferment (for a lack of a better word). Prior to consumption, the mixture is brushed off, the shell is cracked, and deliciousness ensues.

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Chinese Steamed Eggs- China

Chinese steamed eggs is a home-style dish prepared by just steaming eggs. Many eggs are beaten until their consistency is similar to what people use when making an omelette and then steam it to form a large, thick dish.