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Eggs From All Over The World - Part 2

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How Different Cultures Prepare Eggs-Part II

There’s no doubt eggs are a favorite dish among people from different regions of the world. Go to the United States of America and you will find people making creamed eggs on toast. Go to Europe and you will find Italians making deviled eggs. Go further east to Asia and you will find the Chinese making steamed eggs.  And to the south you will find the Tunisia people preparing Brik. This part we focus on more egg preparation methods, covering more regions and countries.

Eggah- Arab world

This is an elegant cuisine prepared in the Arab world. It involves filling or binding eggs with vegetables and meat. To make it even tastier, some people add some Arabic spices.

Egg Bhurji- India

This is a savory dish prepared by the Indians as well as people of neighboring countries such as Pakistan. Preparing it is similar to making scrambled eggs, only this time you add spices and fried onions.

Egg Curry- India

This is also an Indian cuisine made with boiled eggs, fried onions and tomatoes. Most people from this region love it with rotis or bread.

Egg Butter-Finland

Just as the name of the dish sounds, this one involves mixing butter with eggs. The only different thing is that the eggs have to be hard-boiled.


Shakshouka is an Israeli and Tunisian dish made using eggs, spices, pepper, onions and tomatoes. Israel people prefer taking it for lunch or breakfast, although it is quite tasty anytime of the day.

Omelet de Mioleira- Portugal

Can you imagine a delicacy consisting of eggs and brains? That’s right! This is what omelet de mioleira made of. It is a Portuguese cuisine prepared using pork brains and scrambled eggs.

Eyerlekh- Jewish

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This savory egg dish is creamy and cooked using un-hatched eggs retrieved just after chickens are slaughtered. They are typically prepared in soup.

Frittata- Italy

This is an Italian savory dish prepared just like an omelet. The only difference is that it is enriched using more ingredients such as pasta, vegetables, cheese and meats.

French toast- France

Although French toast originated from the French, today it is a preferred breakfast component in many other regions of the world. It is prepared by dipping bread in raw egg yolk, and then shallow-frying it on a pan.