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Multi-Use of Eggs

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Eggs can be scrambled, poached, scotched, roasted, hard or soft boiled. Apparently, these are all ways of preparing an egg. But eggs has much more uses other than just cooking them. Did you know that the smell of raw eggs can turn off deers? That is just one use of eggs apart from cooking them. Other incredible uses of eggs include:

     1. Face cleanser and moisturizer. 

Getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles makes your face look younger. Take one egg, separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Make the egg white frothy and apply it on your face. The egg white help in tightening your skin. Whisking the egg yolk and applying the mixture in your face moisturizes your dry skin.

     2. Hair shampoo. 

Are you looking for the cheapest hair treatment? Eggs contain a whole lot of proteins making them the best hair treatment. Just whisk an egg and run it through your hair. Use your fingers and massage it into your scalp. After applying, wash out the egg using luke-warm water. The egg yolk treats and moisturizes the damaged hair while the egg white pulls dirt away by sticking to it. 

     3. Compost.

Eggshells contain a lot of calcium which is an essential element for plant's growth. Crushing the eggshells and adding them to your compost will give your plants the required nutrients for growth.

     4. Arts and crafts.

Keeping an eggshell in one piece after draining both the egg yolk and the egg white is such a challenging arts and crafts experience for your kids. With the eggshells, you can decorate it to your liking and create beautiful ornaments. 

     5. Painting

Eggs are a source of edible painting. Separate the egg white from the egg, whisk it with one tablespoon of water and a food coloring of your choice. You can then decorate your cakes, sugar cookies, or any other appropriate food item.

     6. Scour metal and unclogged sink.

Looking for an abrasive for your dirty pots and pans? Ground eggshells will serve you that purpose. Similarly, leaving crushed eggshells in your sink's strainer help in breaking up anything that passes through it hence preventing clogging. 

    7. First aid.

Whisked egg whites help in drying up of minor cuts. They create a thin film protecting the cut and giving it the right nutrients required for healing.

    8. Pest deterrent.

Is your garden full of blossom, snails, slugs or cutworms? Just spread crushed eggshells around the garden edges. The pest's soft bodies will be harmed by the eggshells hence getting rid of them.

     9. Glue replacement. 

Looking for a homemade glue? Whisked egg whites are a great substitute of glue. 

     10. Enhancing coffee taste.

Are you a coffee enthusiast? Do you want to bring your coffee's taste to a better and new height? Add crushed eggshells to your ground coffee just before brewing it and you will love your newly made coffee.

Now you know!! Eggs are extremely useful outside your kitchen. Save your money by making your own homemade solutions which are quick, easy and cheap. 

Vlog 1

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Hi everyone!

I wanted bring you guys along on my journey to picking up the first production of cat egg molds!

I have been anticipating for this day for months now. Finally, I get to pick up our first production of cat egg molds. Whoo-hoo! It took months of planning, preparations, scheduling, and it was no easy task. Ultimately, it was all worth it!

The past several weeks have been a hectic process of back and forth calls betweens customs brokers, manufacturers, and logistics companies.  Once our shipment landed at Oakland port last week, I wanted to expedite the process as quickly as possible.  The container went through customs examination and was processed within 5 days. Following, it was trucked to St. George's Warehouse in Oakland.  St. George basically held shipments from all over the world for businesses to pick up. They make sure all the customs and logistics payments are free and clear before releasing the shipments.  Once containers arrive and are unloaded at St George, they pend finalization of documents from all parties.  In my case, everything went smoothly as I had everything prepped and ready to go weeks in advance.  

Once I received my Delivery Instructions and Customs Release form, I arranged for pick up at St George in Oakland.  I had weighed out all the options for trucking as the going rate for trucking and releasing 8 pallets of goods currently was about $1,300, not including ocean freight.  My customs broker, James, informed me that it was probably a better idea to go pick up the shipments myself from the holding warehouse. I literally knew nothing about logistics, customs, container delivery, etc.... I had to learn everything one step at a time and I'm so glad I did.  

The first thing I did was to rent a 16 foot truck. LOL A 16 foot truck?!?!  I have never even driven my dad's Toyota Tundra! Welp, I guess theres a first time for everything! Surely, I yelped some local truck rentals and stumbled upon Coastal Truck Rentals in San Francisco. I figured, how different can it be in comparison to driving a normal car?  Just a bit higher and a bit longer right? Once I rented the truck, I was off to Oakland.

I had to transport 79 cartons of cat egg molds with the net weight of 774 kgs (gross weight of 1,012 kgs) that measures a total 8.57 CNB from Oakland Port to San Francisco. As you can see in the video, I was a little nervous because I have never driven a vehicle larger than a Toyota Corolla before let alone a 16 foot truck. But after a while, I started to really enjoy driving that humongous truck. I know in the video it looked like I moved all the boxes by myself. But I have to confess, I had a little bit of help. Just a little. ;) The guys at the loading docks were kind enough to lend a helping hand when they saw that I was resting after moving the 5th pallet. Plus, I was holding up the line for other drivers to pick up their shipments. At the end of the day, I was completely exhausted. But it was all worth it!

I plan on prepping the shipments the next coming days and start shipping by late next week!  I can't wait to get these into the kitchens of thousands of people all over the world.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Egg Addiction. It's been an awesome journey and I am so excited to share it with all of you! Can't wait till the next vlog!

Please let me know what you guys think in the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  

Until next time!

Eggs From All Over The World - Part 2

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How Different Cultures Prepare Eggs-Part II

There’s no doubt eggs are a favorite dish among people from different regions of the world. Go to the United States of America and you will find people making creamed eggs on toast. Go to Europe and you will find Italians making deviled eggs. Go further east to Asia and you will find the Chinese making steamed eggs.  And to the south you will find the Tunisia people preparing Brik. This part we focus on more egg preparation methods, covering more regions and countries.

Eggah- Arab world

This is an elegant cuisine prepared in the Arab world. It involves filling or binding eggs with vegetables and meat. To make it even tastier, some people add some Arabic spices.

Egg Bhurji- India

This is a savory dish prepared by the Indians as well as people of neighboring countries such as Pakistan. Preparing it is similar to making scrambled eggs, only this time you add spices and fried onions.

Egg Curry- India

This is also an Indian cuisine made with boiled eggs, fried onions and tomatoes. Most people from this region love it with rotis or bread.

Egg Butter-Finland

Just as the name of the dish sounds, this one involves mixing butter with eggs. The only different thing is that the eggs have to be hard-boiled.


Shakshouka is an Israeli and Tunisian dish made using eggs, spices, pepper, onions and tomatoes. Israel people prefer taking it for lunch or breakfast, although it is quite tasty anytime of the day.

Omelet de Mioleira- Portugal

Can you imagine a delicacy consisting of eggs and brains? That’s right! This is what omelet de mioleira made of. It is a Portuguese cuisine prepared using pork brains and scrambled eggs.

Eyerlekh- Jewish

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This savory egg dish is creamy and cooked using un-hatched eggs retrieved just after chickens are slaughtered. They are typically prepared in soup.

Frittata- Italy

This is an Italian savory dish prepared just like an omelet. The only difference is that it is enriched using more ingredients such as pasta, vegetables, cheese and meats.

French toast- France

Although French toast originated from the French, today it is a preferred breakfast component in many other regions of the world. It is prepared by dipping bread in raw egg yolk, and then shallow-frying it on a pan.

Eggs From All Over The World

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Eggs are a common delicacy around the world, and have been consumed by mankind since the ancient times. Some regions prefer just boiling eggs, while others have delicate recipes to make a dish out of them. Let’s explore how different cultures prepare eggs and what they use in the process.

Onsen Tamago- Japan

Also known as hot-spring eggs, onset tamango is a common traditional food in Japan. It is made by just boiling eggs, which are slow-cooked in hot spring water.

Avgolemono- Mediterranean

Avgolemono is a savory dish prepared using eggs by people living in the Mediterranean. It is used as soup or sauce, and made by just mixing lemon juice, eggs and broth. 

Baghala Ghatogh- Iran

This is also a savory dish prepared by the Iranians. It is a Persian stew made using Baghalas, which are commonly known as Rashtian faba beans, eggs and dill. In Iran’s Northern provinces, this stew is served with Kateh, Persian rice dish.

Balut- Southeast Asia


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This type of egg dish is prepared in a very interesting way by people living in Southeast Asia. People get a duck egg that has a developing embryo and boil it while it is alive. The dish is then eaten right from the shell. You will find this dish in the streets of Philippines.

Brik- Tunisia

This is a whole egg prepared in a triangular-pastry pocket that consists of parsley, harissa, tuna and chopped onion. When combined, the pastry is deep fried and served with other dishes.

Century Egg- China

The Chicken/Duck/Quail egg is surrounded by a mixture of rice hulls, quicklime, salt, ash, clay, and allowed to ferment (for a lack of a better word). Prior to consumption, the mixture is brushed off, the shell is cracked, and deliciousness ensues.

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Chinese Steamed Eggs- China

Chinese steamed eggs is a home-style dish prepared by just steaming eggs. Many eggs are beaten until their consistency is similar to what people use when making an omelette and then steam it to form a large, thick dish.